Religious Education

In school, we build upon the foundations, which the children receive at home.  Therefore, the partnership between home, school and parish is important in developing the faith of the child.

Religious Education takes place as a subject in the curriculum through the use of the ‘Come and See’ Programme.  The programme addresses three questions ‘Where did I come from?  Who am I?  Why am I here?’  These questions are explored by the children in different topics throughout the year based on three themes:

a)    Community of Faith/Church

b)    Celebration in Ritual/Sacraments

c)    Way of life/Christian Living

Equally important to the scheme is the ethos of the whole school, which should reflect a Christian caring attitude, where children begin to prepare for life, and love of God is taught through love of neighbour.

We also follow the ‘Journeying Together’ programme in which each class shares a Liturgy with parents once per term.

Central to the life of the school are opportunities for prayer, collective worship, the celebration of the liturgy and the beginning of preparation for Reconciliation.

 The Governors are required to remind parents of their right of withdrawal of pupils from religious worship and education.  However, parents are also reminded that the school exists to give a Catholic education to its pupils and therefore they are expected to be in sympathy with its aims and objectives.

In the event of withdrawal, alternative provision will be made.