Welcome to Reception

Our Teacher is Miss N Maggiore and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs R Birkett . Our HLTA is Mrs Pattison who will also teach us PE.

We love having fun whilst we learn. Come on in and see what we’re getting up to.

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Happy together

It might be almost the end of term but we're still busy busy busy in Reception Class! The children are enjoying their last days together before the holidays!

Monday Fun!

We had a brilliant sports day practice this morning so that the children would be ready for their races tomorrow. In the afternoon we enjoyed the sunshine. A was problem solving to make his 'French bench', S...

Maths Number Hunt

In Maths time today the children  completed a number hunt. We have been practising reading numbers 1-20 and recording them accurately. We then checked all together that everyone had the correct numbers next to their...

Scrapbook News

We love to hear special news in Reception. This was a scrapbook entry one of the children shared with his friends last week. Through their scrapbooks the children share their home life with their friends at school and at the end of the year they are a lovely memento...

Friday Fun!

In Reception the children have been doing lots of measuring this week, today we used ribbon to measure objects around the classroom and to use comparative language. The children enjoyed some circle time...

Challenge through play

In our activities time the children have been impressing us with their self-created challenges. Today there were children measuring their models as they built, creating volcanoes in the sand, writing long number lines,...