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St Joseph’s Infant School is a warm and welcoming school providing a sound education for all of our children.
We are a small infant school with only three classes: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. As such, we pride ourselves on the warm, family atmosphere we provide for our children. The uniqueness of our small community means that every member of staff knows every child well and enables us to develop very strong relationships with all of our families.
Staff and governors are committed to ensuring that our school provides your child with an excellent education, in a caring and friendly atmosphere.
We work closely with the Parish and the local community. We liaise carefully with St Joseph’s Junior School, to ensure that your child’s transition to the junior school at the end of Year 2 is as smooth as possible.

We are always happy to welcome parents and families of all faiths into our school. Your child’s progress can be discussed at any time and we are happy to help or advise in any way we can.

Mrs V Gibson (Headteacher) Mrs M Irwin (Chair of Governors)    

School News

Stars of the Week and Good Friends

It's lovely to see that our children are growing into such caring and thoughtful people. This week, our lunch time supervisors have witnessed children looking after each other, using kind words and letting others join in with their games. Our Stars of the Week have...

Special visitors…

The children have been closely observing some newts this afternoon in class. They have been counting their fingers and toes, naming them (Newtly) and watching them swim up to the surface and breathe. The children were fascinated at the bright colours on the...


This afternoon the Reception children watched their volcano erupt! 'It was amazing- we put vinegar in the middle and it exploded, it kept on going and going!' 'It went boom! Hot lava came out...it was real!' 'It erupted!' They then came back to their water tray to try...

The truth is out…

Reception have been writing about what they really think about their teachers this afternoon. Luckily for us it was all positive feedback!

Volcano project

Following on from a few of the children showing interest in volcanoes last week we have started our very own class volcano which we will continue to work on next week...

Weekly News

Reception Newsletter 3rd may 2019 Please find our weekly newsletter here! Have a lovely weekend, Miss Maggiore

Sandwich making

The children in Year 2 have enjoyed reading the story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. We have linked it with our Science topic 'Living things and their habitats' and explored animals who live in the ocean and surrounding areas. Today, the children have enjoyed making...

Mud Kitchen fun

Reception have been cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen today. They have been experimenting with different textures and combining their ingredients to make some very special treats. The children have been explaining what they are making, what they are using and how...

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Attendance This Week

  • Reception 94.6% 94.6%
  • Year 1 96.6% 96.6%
  • Year 2 99% 99%

Centre of Excellence 2014

Our school won the Centre of Excellence Award 2014.  This award is for a provider or employer who has provided excellent opportunities for learners.  They may provide high quality resources, excellent access or provide an environment that is particularly conductive to learning.

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