Aims and Mission


St Joseph’s is a Voluntary Aided Catholic School where children can experience and share in a living Christian Community within which they can be helped to grow in their Catholic faith.

a)    We aim to create a warm, happy and caring atmosphere where the child, feeling accepted and secure, can learn, work and play.

b)    Within this environment, the child will be helped to grow in confidence, become sensitive to the needs and rights of others and to develop qualities of honesty and integrity.

c)    We aim to recognise the potential of each child and to relate programmes of work to his/her individual ability.  This is as important for the most able as those who learn slowly.

We also aim to ensure that all members of the school community make the best use of their own skills and individual talents.  Emphasis is put on good teamwork at all times, creating an orderly, disciplined, happy working atmosphere for the benefit of everyone within our school and the wider community.



“Love one another as I have loved you”

We will try to follow this teaching of Christ within our school community by addressing these aims

  • To co-operate with parents and families in their role as primary educators of their children.
  • To provide a welcoming and caring Christian community where there is trust and co-operation.
  • To ensure a safe, happy, stimulating atmosphere where the children, through a well structured curriculum, are helped to achieve and celebrate their full potential.
  • To nurture each member of our community within the Catholic faith.

To maintain and develop links within the wider community.